Dodge Ram Grill Installation Instructions

Please read all instructions and ensure that all necessary parts are included before installation. We recommend using a high quality automotive wax on your new grill (Polished and Brushed Stainless only, not painted grills) to help maintain its original finish. See bottom of instructions for details.

Check to see that all necessary parts are included: 

  • Two Piece – Grill Insert
  • 22 Metal Mounting Clips
  • 22 Foam Spacers

You will need the following tools for installation:

  • Screw Driver
  • 8mm Socket
  • Ratchet


  • Open Hood
  • Remove the 18 8mm nuts that are holding the factory grill in place. (Be sure to keep this hardware, as you will need it to re-install grill)
  • After removing the factory grill place it face down onto a soft surface to ensure it will not be scratched.
  • Remove the factory inserts from the outer grill by prying the plastic tabs apart with a screwdriver. (Repeat for other side.)
  • Align the tabs with the corresponding mounting holes on your new grill insert.  With grill insert in place apply a foam spacer on the top of the tab and then place one of the mounting clips over the spacer with the teeth facing the engine or the back of the grill.  (Repeat for all tabs.)
  • Once your new grill insert is in place on your factory grill, you are ready to reinstall the grill on your truck.
  • Reinstall the frame to the grill using the 8mm bolts that were previously removed.
  • Reinstall the grill and frame to the hood of the truck, ensuring that all nuts and bolts are tight and that your grill is secure.
  • Remove white protective coating from the grill insert to expose polished stainless finish.

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING A HIGH QUALITY AUTOMOTIVE WAX ON POLISHED AND BRUSHED STAINLESS GRILLES TO PROTECT THE SURFACE OF YOUR GRILL EVERY COUPLE OF MONTHS!! Over time you may notice that your grill will start to have small spots of "surface rust”, this can be caused by many different factors including but not limited to:  dirt, humidity, salt or other debris that is picked up from the road. To PREVENT this from happening we recommend using a high quality automotive wax on the grill when it is first installed and every 2-3 months thereafter. If surface rust builds up on the surface of the grill you can use WD-40 to remove the surface rust, you can then use an automotive wax to protect the finish again.