Vinyl Pillar Post Trim Installation Instructions


Due to an excessive amount of false claims regarding damaged/defective product we have implemented a new policy.

ANY claim for the following items must be made BEFORE installing ANY of the pieces: 


If you have a problem with your item for any of the above reasons you MUST contact us BEFORE installing ANY of the pieces. If you make a claim you will be required to send us a picture of ALL of the pieces (front and back side) so we can see that they have not yet been installed on the vehicle. Once you have started the installation process you have accepted the item AS IS and NO replacements, exchanges or refunds will be offered. If you do happen to damage a piece during the installation please contact us as we are happy to offer you additional pieces at a discounted rate if necessary. By accepting the items and beginning the installation process you are agreeing to these terms. If you have further questions we can be contacted at 1-866-495-0950 or



PLEASE NOTE: WE SUGGEST THIS BE INSTALLED BY A PROFESSIONAL. However, if you would like to install the item yourself here are some basic instructions as to how it is done. Please remember that all cars are different and you may run into a situation that is not addressed in these instructions. 

Your item has been cut from high quality vinyl and has a sticky back. For the application to be successful and last long term it is important to have a clean and dry surface prior to installation and install in the proper temperature range. 

The ideal temperature for installation is between 70°F and 100°F. Do not under any circumstances install the product in less than 60°F as the tape will become too rigid and will NOT properly bond to your vehicle. Please follow the directions below in the exact order and with the proper materials to ensure a lasting bond.

  • Clean the area on your vehicle where the item is to be installed with a 50/50 mixture of isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) and water. CLEAN THE APPLICATION AREA THOROUGHLY to ensure there is NO DIRT OR RESIDUE LEFT BEHIND as this will cause the tape to fail. You may need to clean the area multiple times to completely remove residue and dirt.
  • Dry fit the pieces to ensure proper placement before installation and label each piece as to where it is placed for reference when you are installing.
  • Spray the pillar with a mixture of 1 Qt of water and 1/4 tsp. of no tears baby shampoo. This will allow you to move the trim around on the pillar without it sticking to ensure proper placement. The more liquid you are able to get on the pillar the better the item will move around without sticking.
  • Peel the backing off of the tape and apply the item to the vehicle.
  • Using a plastic squeegee and working from the middle to the outside of the pillar squeeze the water and air out. Be sure to use a soft squeegee as to not damage the vinyl.
  • Once you have worked all of the bubbles out of the trim and allowed it to dry you can use an exacto knife to trim the edges (if necessary).